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Jake was rescued from a San Diego County Animal Shelter.  He was six-months old when he entered the shelter.  He was extremely dehydrated, nauseated, dramatically underweight, and declining fast.  A medical exam showed that all of his troubles were caused by a painful intestinal blockage resulting from a collapsed portion of his small intestine that required emergency surgery.

After a surgery that Jake handled like a champion, he started acting like a young puppy.
should and quickly began to add some much-needed weight to his little suffering body. He almost immediately started to look better and it seemed that he was on the fast track to becoming a healthy little pup, but on the sixth day of his recovery he suddenly became nauseated, and could no longer keep down his special puppy food.  His intestines had collapsed and his bowels were once again painfully blocked.

Jake underwent a second surgery that required an emergency transfer to a vet specialty hospital for 24-hour critical care. Under round-the-clock observation, Jake was treated with intravenous fluids, antibiotics, and a combination of medications to help his
intestines work once again. We became a foster family for Jake after he was discharged from the vet.  The Basset Hound Rescue of Southern California spent more than $4,000 in emergency medical care on Jake.  He was a little fighter, weighing 16 pounds and not out of the woods yet.   In the crucial weeks after fostering him we fed him a special diet, maintained his regiment of medications, and brought him to his follow-up appointments at the vet.  After a month of foster care, we became a foster failure, when our adoption of Jake was finalized.  

Today, Jake is 31 pounds and is fully enjoying puppyhood.