Open That Bottle Night

Tonight is Open That Bottle Night.  It was conceived more than 15 years ago and is celebrated world-wide today.

Two wine lovers found that a great many people have a special bottle of wine stashed away for some special occasion.  This bottle is to be opened to celebrate a promotion, the birth of a grandchild, or a special event with your spouse.  Over the years, they heard stories of people who were laid off, had a daughter-in-law who opted not to have kids, or had their spouse pass away way too early.  The bottle of wine was no longer looked upon with hope and joy but with the sadness of unrealized dreams.

They postulated that sharing and enjoying the memories we have built with each other is far superior than waiting for some special day.  We have built many memories with family and friends, let’s celebrate the good times we have enjoyed while we are all still around.

Great bottles of wine go to waste every day waiting for that special event that never comes. This night was set so that we would open that bottle and enjoy the moments with those we care deeply for. 

The opening of that bottle is itself the special occasion. We wait long enough for the “right moment” but that “right moment” might never come, so just Open That Bottle.

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