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Welcome to MJC’s Porch.  I hope you enjoy reading these posts half as much as I enjoy sending them out.

Tonight’s topic was the 2 big games tomorrow.  Indiana hosts Purdue (12:00 pm ET on BTN) and Notre Dame visits USC (3:30 pm ET on FOX).  The consensus is that there will be major disappointment on the Porch tomorrow.

In the battle for the Old Oaken Bucket, I don’t think the Bucket will be staying in Bloomington.  IU has played well all season, but just can’t close the deal.  Coleman has put up lots of impressive numbers, but the poor guy can’t do it all.  IU has been starting its 3rd string and Freshman QB and the kid is decent, but he needs 2 or 3 more playing years.  Sorry Hoosier fans, it’s another loss.  Of course this won’t change our belief that Purdue blows.

The fighting Irish started the year off good, but these last 3 weeks have been heart breakers.  SC started the year off very poorly, but things are looking up for them.  Turnovers and bad calls in give SC the win and another jewel in the Jeweled Shillelagh.  Should grow very tired of hearing SC’s annoying fight song by half-time.

We will be on the porch pulling for the Hoosiers and the Fighting Irish, but there will be many “Ahh Sh*t’s” and  “Oh Come On’s”  shouted at the TV tomorrow afternoon.  The drinking will start early.


4 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. I agree with your comments but don’t want to listen to dad about Notre Dame all next week and him making excuses for them. They’ve been lousy all season, only really winning playing half a__ed teams,

  2. Us Irish are wearing our green today knowing it will be a slaughter house for Our Lady. Hey, I tried out some TN moonshine yesterday, very small amount (1.5 shot) first time. It is quite powerful and I do not recommend it. But it did kick in my creative side. Yea Notre Dame, kick some USC ass!

  3. I love the way you write! Tho- I dont actually care for sports, I am a great fan of where they play and what kind of weather they play in…weird I know…I hope to see more from MJC’S PORCH ..different topics??

  4. How dare you!! If it weren’t for me turning on the btn app, IU would’ve lost but we put another I on the bucket today. Let’s see if my Trojans can pull it out today. I have the fight song on my iPod should you not be thoughrouhly annoyed 🙂

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